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You are probably reading this page right now as you would like to start making more healthy conscious decisions about your meal's and you are interested in experimenting with less meat. If this is you, then read on.

Our Beginner's Edition 1.0 has been created to give you an array of ideas on how to cook evening meals with 50% less meat. There is 10 different recipes for you to follow using our 50/50 Method.

At 36 pages, the Beginner's Edition 1.0 is a quick read, and shows you the first steps you need to take to get started with cutting down your meat intake for the purpose of cooking family dinners.
Not Sure How to Create Meals with Less Meat, or You Are On "A Tight Budget" ?
This book is written for beginners and explains everything you need to know inside. No prior knowledge or technical cooking experience is required! We are not professional chefs, just normal people cooking normal family friendly meals. If you are looking for top notch meal perfection then you have not found it here.

The booklet has been designed so that anyone can follow the recipes which are quick, cheap and easy to follow. All of the suggested recipes are made on a budget with the most expensive meal costing $7 (£5.25) for 2 people. 

Inside You'll find an easy-to-understand guide explaining your first task to help you cut down your meat. This guide will allow you to start reducing your meat intake straight away, like today-today.
Here's Exactly What You'll Learn Inside:
 🥩 50/50 Concept (pg. 5)
Exactly how you can cut down your meat intake by 50% using our 50/50 Method. Getting you to think about the concepts and swaps

🥩 How Much Meat Do You Eat (pg. 6)
Weekly activity to explore how much meat you eat already and what your goal is. What goal do you want to achieve.

🥩 Portion and Plate Size Guidance for Better Health (pg. 8)
Information around our portion sizes including what plates we are using, Looking at the recommended portion sizes of meat.

🥩 Mindset and Saving Money (pg. 11)
Looking at the concept of eating less meat, can you evaluate your mind set about your meals and try the method.

🥩 10 Less Meat Recipes (pg. 14)
10 recipes for you to try the 50/50 method which are family and budget friendly. With added notes for vegetarian options to the dishes

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"Beginners Edition 1.0 will make you look at eating less meat in a different way, its easier than you think"
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